I am very happy to recommend the MIDAS Gelbvieh Stud, having used bulls from Chris Braithwaite. 

Good beefy bulls over red Brahman cows gives a line of straight red, flat back calves with amazing quiet temperament, low birth weight, quick growing to weaning weight of 300-350 kilograms at eight months of age. 

The first cross female retained from the first MIDAS Gelbvieh Stud bull purchased are all exceptional by big framed quality females with very good udders and great milk productions.

Apart from the Brahman herd, we are successfully using the MIDAS Gelbvieh Stud bulls over euro cross cows, short horn cross and Santa Gertrudis cross with great results. 

Fertile, agile, kind temperament bulls producing great weight for age progenies.

M. Atkinson

We run a mixed breeding herd of Brangus, Droughtmaster and Brahman cows. Three years ago we introduced Gelbveih bulls into our program. All the progeny are finished in our feedlot for our coles supermarket contract. All of the progeny have performed exceptionally well, grading with approximately 12mm fat and meeting all other MSA criteria. We have achieved weight gain of 1.8kgto 2.3kg per day over a 70 day feed. We also found the cattle have handled the tough conditions that we have experienced with the dry seasons.

Ralph Beddows

At “Corrunovan” we run about 700 breeders. Due to seasonal conditions the last 3 years have been fairly  poor so our pregnancy rates have been low 70%. Breeder numbers are down to about 500 females. They are a composite herd using Santa Gertrudis, Charbray, Angus and Gelbvieh bulls.

Having introduced Gelbvieh bulls on a small scale some years ago, and now used over about 200 cows annually, we were pleased with growth weights and fat cover on bullocks sent to meatworks. 

We now sell feeder steers between 300 and 400 kg at 14 to 18 months old. The Gelbvieh cross steers have great growth rates at this age and fill out well.

Most of the heifer calves are kept to go back  into breeder herd to improve fertility rates. They handle our tough winter conditions well.

Richard Grimes